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free time activities in the saxon elbe valley


Who does not think of china when he thinks of Meissen? Since 1710 the china manufactory is produceing the finest out of the “white gold”. Feel the magic when you visit it and it's museum.

Additionally the city has a rich historical background, romantic alleys crowned by the Albrecht castle and the Meissen cathedral.


After you saw everything, you may go on a hiking tour through river Elbe's valley towards castles and palaces, treat yourself a good glass of saxon wine or enjoy culture, art and shopping in Dresden – only 25 kilometers via car or train.

A culture tour can also be done using a historical paddle steamer. Aside river elbe, there is a cycling path of approximately 260 km. It is only 300 m away from our door.

China manufactory Meissen

  • visit to the china manufactory Meissen
  • visit to the showing room and showing workshops
  • duration: 1,5 hours

From 7,00 € (per person, plus guide)

vineyard hike

  • hike through vineyards of Meissen
  • one glass of saxon wine
  • 10–30 persons
  • duration: 1,5 hours

From 10,00 € (per person)

rustic wine vesper

  • rustic dinner in a cozy wine cellar
  • tasting of 3 wines and 1 sparkling wine
  • moderated by a regionally wine-grower
  • maximum 20 persons
  • duration: 1 hour

From 63,00 € (per person, plus 60 € fee)

[Translate to Englisch:] Landschaft von Meissen
historical buildings, wine yards and river Elbe are the ingredients for this romantic view.

More free time activities


Either you are only staying for the weekend or a bit longer…

With the many attractions in and around Meissen your stay will be entertaining and exiting.